Architectural details that match the furniture and theme of a space make such a difference.
With embellishments you can create the impression of height and texture.

Chimney detail
Details above the living area convey spaciousness to the room.

room remodel 1
room remodel 2
room remodel 3
room remodel 4

Before and After: Wainscot turns around the wall and windows to join the cabinetry.
room remodel 5
room remodel 6
room remodel 7
room remodel 8
Before and After: Raised wainscot panels are custom fit to the proportions of the space and fixtures.

Stairwell with turn Stairwell to next floor
Wainscoting on stairway with a turn reflects elegance.

Wainscot 1
Wainscot 2
Wainscot 3
Wainscot on stairwalls and hallways connect spaces with style.

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