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  From family heirlooms to antique interiors, restoring wood to its original condition is a challenge.
       But when accomplished, it allows history – and its makers – to live again.


Resurrecting History

   An historic teller counter (circa 1910) was installed at the Lombard, Illinois Branch of the Villa Park Trust & Savings Bank in 1994.

   Custom carpenter Gary Lettan installed the counter and other original fixtures, which originally came from the Bank of Lake Geneva that closed its doors during the Depression. They were stored in the basement of the building for decades until Villa Park Bank president William Stege acquired the pieces in concert with construction of a new themed branch of the bank.

   The 18-foot Cherrywood counter features a green marble inlay at the base and frosted glass panels at the top. Other original items from the old bank that were installed included a check-writing counter, several interior wood doors, cabinets, and decorative wood trims.

   New paneling was added in meeting rooms to match the old pieces, along with displays made from remnants of the original woodwork.

Original story: Lombardian & Villa Park Review
Photo by Steve Spoden


Furniture Restoration

An ancestor's desk, thought to be lost... Its original beauty and function, found.

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