The fireplace can be a gathering spot for family and guests. From mantles to complete surround systems, this area can convey warmth and hospitality to the room.

Arts & Crafts Style
Recessed TV Cabinet
Arts & Crafts style fills an open space and plain fireplace with cabinets and bookcases.
The middle cabinet features a recessed flat screen television.

Baroque Fireplace Baroque with Cabinets
Top level
A baroque fireplace awaits a finished environment...
A stonework mantle with embellishments is added,
with arched-door cabinets.

Arched shelving and an oversized,  custom designed mirror
complete the tableau

Plain contemporary Shelf Surrounds
Glass enclosed gas fireplace with tile surround...
Becomes a wall for art and interests with adjustable shelving.

Country style
Country finished
Stand Alone Colonial style fireplace & mantle...
Unified with Shaker cabinets and full-length counter.
Rustic Fireplace
Relaxing space
Fireplaces can match the theme of the room and decor    Rustic, Classical, or Contemporary with corner cabinets

Corner fireplace Corner Mantle
A simple corner fireplace gets attention with corbels on a wide base Oak mantle.

Mantle 1
Mantle detail
Contrasting color on the mantle livens the fireplace area.
Mantle has raised detail that matches room furniture.

Balance and proportion in the installations will make all the difference.

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