Business & Office

Work space doesn't have to be ordinary.
With custom cabinets, countertops, and a well-planned office environment, we can be more creative and productive.

Rail 3
Rail 2 Rail 1
An office stairwell features Red Oak rails in octagonal profile, adding continuum to the geometry of the space.

Computer Stations 1 Computer stations 2
Expansive computer stations accommodate technology and personal space in a graphic arts studio.

   Office cabinets
Office storage
Solid wood fixtures match existing office furniture, giving the work space a coordinated look.

Bulletin Board closed Bulletin Board open
Give the Conference Room a touch of class with a multi-function bulletin board.

Exam table closed
Exam Table openOffice files
Exam Room fixtures with a natural finish can make a visit to the doctor more comfortable.
Extra storage space blends with the office theme.

Dressing Rooms
Mirror Platform
Employee Recognition
Even the Tailor's space should have aesthetic appeal.
And employees deserve recognition!

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