A home can never have too many bookcases besides books, there's photos, mementos, and so much to display!

Condo-3 Completed bookcases
A slant-ceiling, lofted condo gets a bookcase design that maximizes the available space. Solid white shelving on both sides of the room contrasts the dramatic room colors.

                   Bookcase-1 Bookcase-2a
Family Room becomes a study and entertainment area.
Living Room features a combination bookcase-cabinet set with adjustable shelving and hidden electric outlet access.

Lighted bookcase Bookcase crown detail
A lighted part of this bookcase serves as work space.
Cabinet crown maintains a continuum with the ceiling trim.

Unfinished Wall
Finished Wall
Installation 1
Installation 2
From plain wall...
To All-in-One!

Wall space
Finished Bookcase
Installed bookcase
A modest-sized wall becomes the home library.

Bare Wall
Bookcase wall
L-shape bookcase
Where to put all these books?
Right here!
Yes, odd spaces can accommodate bookshelves, too.

Library Bookcases
Bookcase-4 Bookcase-6
Albemarle-Charlottesville Historical Society Library
Natural Birch provides a simple solution.
Birch with Teak Stain adds warmth.

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